Quality Management in the Synthesia Group

Committed with Quality

Total Quality is fundamental in the Synthesia Group and is part of our culture. We are fully committed to Quality, strictly complying with Safety and Environment regulations, together with Social Responsibility, and we strive to establish control measures to ensure that this happens. Likewise, we work to continuously improve in all our areas.

In order to ensure that the entire organization is aligned with this commitment, the Synthesia Group has a Multisite Management System for the companies Synthesia Española, S.A., Synthesia Internacional, S.L.U. And Synthecoat, S.L.U., certified with the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard. It is also provided with the environmental management certification according to the ISO 14001 - EMAS III for the Synthecoat plant.

Synthesia Group's commitment to Quality, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility is shown in our Statement of Strategic Principles, which is documented through our Corporate Policy, the Corporate Management Manual, Objectives and Indicators, Process Management, Procedures and specific Technical Instructions.

This Corporate Policy, as well as the ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001 - EMAS III quality certificates, are available to all interested parties, who can request them at the following email address: calidad@synthesia.com