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Division PU Systems / Family Insulation

The insulation family wear in the polyurethane system for sprayinglos (Poliuretan S Spray and Phono Spray) and the pouring systems. These systems consist of two components, polyol and isocyanate. Projection systems Poliuretan S Spray and Phono Spray are excellent rigid closed and open cell foam for improved thermal and acoustic insulation for constructive solutions.
Pouring systems are formulated for applications in continuous and discontinuous filler panels, and any hollow chambers in order to achieve an excellent heat insulation.
All of these systems contain ecologic blowing agents authorized, do not damage the ozone layer.

Categories of the family: Insulation

  • Spray

    Closed cell polyurethane system Poliuretan S Spray and open cell Phono Spray, for thermal and acoustic insulation of different constructive solutions.
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  • Pouring

    They are formulated systems, polyol and isocyanate, his reaction gets a closed cell polyurethane foam, with densities among 10 and 60 kg/m3. These ...

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